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The secret to the ultimate walking holiday experience

At Walk Slovenia, unlike some other walking holidays, we specialize in offering guided walks 5 days a week. Many walking holiday companies offer  'accompanied' walks, which may just mean someone with walking experience leading the group, and they may even be in the area for the very first time and just leading a group by following maps or notes.

Guided Walking Holidays in Europe

This can make choosing your holiday without a guide a bit of a lottery - sometimes these walk leaders are very knowledgeable, but sadly sometimes not! The leaders may have very little experience and walk leading skills, and may not even speak the local language. Of course, self-guided walks are also popular and if the route directions are good and up-to date can be really enjoyable. But it is much more relaxing not to have to stop at every junction, get directions or a map and compass out, have (maybe heated!) discussions with your companions, and even then, sometimes have to trust to intuition that you're on the right path!

Walking Holidays in Europe

With a Walk Slovenia holiday you can relax, knowing you're in experienced and capable hands. Our guide, Neža, is a fully qualified professional Slovenian tour guide who was born and brought up in the area. She has been walking with us for four years and has an intimate knowledge of the local area, its flora and history. We feel that professional guiding can really enhance the walks by giving extra interesting information, be it about identifying unusual flowers, explaining local beekeeping, explaining the historical monuments passed or just interpreting for you when meeting and interacting with locals in the meadows or when asking for drinks in mountain huts!

Guided Walking Holidays in Europe

Pacing a walk is another vital skill to have - there is a happy point where everyone, regardless of fitness, is comfortably stretched, but the group remains cohesive. Then local knowledge means we pause to include little detours - to see the best views; a rare orchid; a local farmer proffering schnapps on a cool day - all things that add a little 'something' to the overall walk.

Of course the safety angle is important, too - although walking in the summer months this is unlikely, in challenging conditions an in-depth knowledge of the hills really pays off. On the odd occasion that the weather deteriorates up on a high hill and visibility lessens, it's comforting to be able to relax and rely on the guide to keep you safe and on the right path.

Lastly, a walk can be really enhanced by a guide having good 'people skills' - everyone is on holiday; so the walks need to be guided in a relaxed and friendly way, so the day can be enjoyed to the full in good company and humour.

So, if in doubt why not 'go pro' and walk with us, the Slovenian walking holiday specialists!

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