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Spring in stunning Slovenia!

Slovenia in Spring

Spring is a magical time in Slovenia. The winters are long and hard in the foothills of the Julian Alps, often with snow on the ground for several months, and temperatures in this part of Europe can plummet to -15 c in January and February. Then the thaw starts and immediately the snow has melted, a small miracle occurs - within days the meadows turn purple with a haze of crocus! Primroses and hepatica cover the banks and birds that have moved away for the winter start to return - the pied wagtails are the first and they love to stand on the roads, we think they're warming their feet! Then redstarts arrive and suddenly the orchard is alive with birdsong. The redstarts used to try and nest in the hotel while we were renovating it and we had to keep shooing them out. 

Spring in Slovenia

Slovenia in April

As the time we open for walking holidays approaches at the end of April, the blossom starts and soon the hillsides are a mass of frothy pink and white as all the fruit trees come to life. It's an amazing sight watching it creep up the hills. The forests, which are a mixture of beech and conifer, look stunning as the baby lime-green beech leaves contrast dramatically with the dark firs.

walking Holidays Europe

Slovenia in May

May is probably the most beautiful month of the year in Slovenia and certainly the top pick for walking holidays for anyone interested in flowers. Until the meadows are cut (around the end of the month) the flowers are astonishing. Many rare orchids abound on the unimproved limestone grassland and swathes of chalk-loving flowers create a display like you can never see nowadays in the UK, they are really amazing.

Slovenia in May

Perfect Spring Walking Holidays

The weather is often perfect for walking in May, too, with temperatures on sunny days in the early 20s. The snow has gone off the highest walks and the Alpine flowers bloom with gentians, pasque flowers and many others - sometimes so many that it's hard not to walk on them! Our guided walks take you to the best spots to enjoy the show and we usually have the whole hill to ourselves!

Walking in Europe at Springtime

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