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Slovenia - Land of Rivers!

Slovenia can truly be described as a land of rivers. Wherever you go you are surrounded by water everywhere, from the famous green emerald waters of Soca to the renowned Lakes Bled and Bohinj. The beautiful Karst rivers flow underground and emerge as chalk streams on the Karst plains, and the pristine streams offer valuable habitat for freshwater species. The crystal-clear waters have preserved the many indigenous fish varieties that inhabit them. Among them the most famous Slovenian fish species - Marble trout, also known as Soca trout. The Marble trout is native to the Adriatic basin and can be found living in the rivers that flow into the Adriatic Sea. Distinguished by its marbled pattern, the species is considered the pride and symbol of Slovenian fly fishing. 

Over the last twenty years, the Marble trout population has seen revitalising population growth, thanks to the efforts and dedication of many fishing enthusiasts. The species is characterised by a fast growth rate and can grow to reach an enormous size - with specimens measuring over 120cms caught in recent years. Smaller Marble trout feed on insects and are a common catch on nymph or dry flies. The larger individuals feed mostly on small fish, or Fry, and are considered a much sought-after prize catch.

The overwhelming variety of crystal-clear waters and the trout species that thrive in them make Slovenia a fly fisher's dream - Slovenia boasts some of the best fly fishing that Europe has to offer. The intimate connection that fly fishing creates with nature has to be experienced to be understood. Fly fishing is the art of angling with an artificial fly, with a fly-line cast through the air to place an artificial fly on the water. Getting started with fly fishing is simple, and whether you are a first-timer or have been fishing for years, you will find a river in Slovenia to suit your needs. At Walk Slovenia, we have partnered with professional guides Sasa and Bostjan of 'Go Fly Fishing Slovenia' ( Whether you're looking to learn from scratch, want to refine your technique to the specifics of Slovenian rivers, or just want to enjoy the river, they're here to help.

The trout season in Slovenia ranges from March until the end of October. As the trout-season comes to a halt, Slovenians spend the winters chasing the Huchen (Hucho hucho) - the fish of one thousand casts. Slovenian Rivers are so diverse that we enjoy peak conditions all year long!

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