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Our Year with the Coronavirus

It probably comes as no surprise that the thing affecting the whole world also has a major effect on us. Due to the (although reasonable) restrictions, non local tourism has come to an almost complete stop throughout Slovenia. We have not opened our hotel in the summer season of 2020, but we are fairly optimistic and hope that 2021 will be that much better!

They say that it is darkest just before dawn and we choose to believe that. It has to be said that while it does carry a nice sentiment, it is not factually correct.

Slovenia had about two months of quarantine in the Spring, which we spent as a family in its entirety at the hotel. Movement was restricted to your own county so we all temporarily changed our addresses from Ljubljana to Podvrh.

In light of seeing the positives from a negative situation, we actually had a good time during the quarantine. The Poljane - Gorenja Vas county is a beautiful one to be stuck in, so we did a lot of walking and cycling. Everyday after our daily obligations, we went outside and enjoyed nature. We were also blessed with amazing weather throughout the quarantine, so we did not have to stay inside.

Video of our walks in the hills around Pri Lenart in the Spring

With the Summer life here became more relaxed, which allowed us to explore lesser known parts of Slovenia to us. We are sure that we will share one or two finds with our guests in the future. 

Picture: Alpine ibex posing for hikers

Autumn brought another lock-down which has been going on for the last three months. We are trying to keep up the good spirit, although it is getting harder and harder. The short days don’t help. Fortunately we have had lots of snow in the last month, which allowed us snowshoeing, ski touring and sledding. 

Picture: Winter view from Blegoš

Stay healthy and positive in these difficult times and a great 2021!

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