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Discover Mountain Biking in Slovenia

There is a reason why mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in Slovenia. There are endless roads and trails, astonishing views, the wind in your hair and peace and nature all around. Whether you’re an experienced rider searching for the best single-trails or you have never sat on a mountain bike before – there are many trails and roads to explore. We can take you on routes through quiet forests or across endless fields on scenic trails overlooking our highest mountains. Take a spin through a nearby town, rest by a river or climb the highest hill around. There are so many options in the region to make the trip that suits you most, from relaxed roads with beautiful panoramas to the best technical ascents and all with a route length according to your wish.

While mountain biking is excellent, having an electric mountain bike under your legs is a game changer! There is no hill too steep for you anymore. It rides exactly like a conventional bike, but when you pedal it gives more power relative to you. It means that now a group of bikers with different fitness levels can cycle and enjoy themselves together. Everyone can look forward to the ascents too, and there is no terrain out of reach anymore. With lots of power levels to choose from your ride can be virtually effortless or a real test of endurance, the choice belongs to you, gravity doesn’t make all the rules anymore.

Mountain biking is a sport but it is also a journey. There is no better way to move through nature and experience your environment than on a bike. You feel every metre of the surface beneath you, with complete focus on your surroundings while you travel great distances. Go on a journey with us and make it an unforgettable experience!

We work with our partners at HourAway to organise a fantastic cycling experience as part of your stay with us. Choose electric or non-electric cycling tours as an extra activity on the walking-free day of your visit. Contact us to find out more and start your adventure.

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