More TripAdvisor awards!

Posted on 27.01.2012

 Well, what a good week we're having - we have just been given another 2 TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice 2012. This isn't just for walking holidays in Europe, but for all hotels: 5th for Best Bargain Hotels in Europe 2012 and 20th ... Read more »

Recipes from Pri Lenart

Posted on 26.01.2012

From the Pri Lenart Kitchen. We’ve been asked by so many guests over the years for a recipe book, cooking courses and so on, so we’ve decided to start a monthly menu blog. It’ll be a seasonal menu of the month, suitable for a dinner party... Read more »

Thrilled to announce our 2012 Travellers’ Choice Award!

Posted on 26.01.2012

It is a delight and an honour that our first ever blog post should be one of such wonderfully positive content. Pri Lenart Hotel has been awarded the title of coming 9th in the ‘Top 25 Bargain Hotels in the World’ category in the 2012 Travellers... Read more »