Spring – The perfect time for a walking holiday in Europe!

Spring is probably the most beautiful time to enjoy a European walking holiday, with the countryside at its best with new leaves on the trees and an abundance of wild flowers. Most of Europe is lovely in the Spring but unspoilt Slovenia must surely be one of the most beautiful spots. Here at Pri Lenart we are surrounded by limestone fields which come alive in May with the most amazing range of flowers. In fact they are so stunning that we offer a flower walking holiday in the second week in May, but the whole month is spectacular with the wild orchids at their peak, many rare and beautiful species such as burnt tip, fly, green winged, round headed, and many others all within walking distance of the hotel. Look out for swathes of aquilegias and many glorious meadow flowers, while higher up there are gentians and early Alpine flowers such as the exquisite snowbells.

Walking holidays in Europe in the Spring give a chance to experience the longest days of the year without the hordes of tourists which descend on many areas in the summer. Luckily in our part of Slovenia we hardly ever meet other tourists, and even in the summer we can walk all day without meeting other people, who are drawn like a honeypot to the coast or the National Park, leaving us to walk in the beautiful foothills of the Julian Alps and the chance for you to enjoy our guided walking holidays in complete peace and tranquillity.


Written by Sarah Hogg

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