Green Slovenia

Caring for the environment

We aim to provide low impact, green tourism which has a beneficial effect on the local community and surroundings.

Hotel: We have renovated the house with high levels of insulation to avoid heat loss, and have used natural materials from sustainable source wherever possible. We ask guests to conserve water and electricity, provide Fairtrade tea and coffee in the rooms, and we recycle glass, paper, packaging and plastic. Whenever possible we line-dry all towels that are not to be changed and ask guests to accept a mid-week rather than daily change of towels and bed linen, so reducing energy, water consumption and pollution. We use untreated natural spring water throughout the hotel. We employ local staff.

Kitchen: We try to source our ingredients locally and seasonally, and grow many of our vegetables in our own large, organic plot. We buy our bread from local farmers and make our own preserves. We compost any waste, and avoid food waste by checking menus with guests beforehand and asking for main course choices in the morning.

Walking: By walking we have as low an impact as possible, keeping to marked trails, and we ensure no sign is left of our passing on the walks.On most walks we visiting local farms, mountain huts and sometimes artisans where guests can sample and buy local products, so helping the local economy. Two or three days a week we normally walk from the hotel, and when we do travel to walks, we use one minibus so keeping fuel emissions to a minimum.



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